china's culture

bodhisattva was a god in mahayan buddhism. i picked this picture because i feel like buddhism has had a big impact on this part of the world.
tigers are a very symbolic part of china, next to dragons. I picked this tiger painting because for one tigers are cool and two, most of china's beliefs come off of tigers and dragons.
These coins are also a cultural part of china because this is there currency. I picked this picture because i felt like it is showing us what china uses for money.
This picture of a really cool jade ring is a big part of china's culture in my opinion. China, ever since the silk road, has traded jade and many other spiced and minerals for a really long time.
This is a gold statue of the buddha shakyamuni. i picked this picture because he is the one who basically founded buddhism and taught it throughout the land we know today as southeast asia.
Like i said before, jade and dragons are very inspiring to the chinese culture. this image shows to two things and combine them together to make a ring that i think anyone would wear.
This picture is the head of the buddha himself. I Think this bust of him is important because it pays tribute to the founder of buddhism and thanks him for his teaching among others.
Like i have said many times in the past, jade is very important to china. This ring is made out of complete jade and in my opinion could make someone rich in china.
this painting is of the orchid pavilion gathering. This event took place in the six dynasty age in china. what happened here is basically everyone wrote poems and spoke them out and celebrated.
This is a painting of the shanghai xujiahui catholic cathedral. I believed this is a cultural picture because it shows that china has a diverse system of religions and cultures.
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