Imagery that shows ones creative and insight in ones art work on a subject matter of time, space, myth, music, love, and nature. A gallery of art that inspires the mind to ponder, think, question, and dream. Heart, soul or nothing at all art that expresses ones deepest emotions of a topic. 

This image shows a painting of the moon colored blue with a pitch of green. The moon in the image takes up most of the image which is positive space. The dark negative space in the upper right corner, combined with the positive space gives the image a 3d feel to it as if you were in space. This image represents the unknown wonders of space.
This imagery shows a clock with no hands but two flowers that may represent over time things grow. There is a conch shell under the clock that has water in it. In the shell there’s sea water which may imply time is endless. There’s also butterflies which may represent event in the past, present and future. This painting shows many ways on how important time is.
In this painting there’s a women standing holding a head of a man in her hand. The women, the biggest image making her the focus looks as she has been hurt by her male partner. The women also holds some kind of plant and theres a small image of a boat and two people in the bottom left corner. This may represent the meaning of going over the deep in. This imagery may depict the true meaning of love make you do crazy things.
Painted on this jar, Achilles and Ajax, two great greek warriors playing a game. Goddess Athena is standing in the middle warning the two greek warriors of danger. The black figures are positive space and the orange colored space around the black figures represents negative space. The combination of the two gives this painting a 3D like feel to it. This painting also depicts the controversial debate of never letting your guard down during battle.
This picture shows a statue of the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros. Aphrodite is the goddess of love here she is seen wearing a crown and holding some kind of item. She looks as if she is rising her hand ready to hit her son. Eros is in a position as if he is pleading his mother not to hit him. This image represents the love and bond between a mother and her son. Both statues are siting on a small table.
This imagery depicts the journey of Fan Kuan to Mt. Hua. It is said that he traveled to the mountains to capture the true essence of nature. This picture shows a Mountain a forest below it and a river. The white shade under the mountain makes the mountain look as if it is siting behind the forest and is farther away.
This black and white picture shows an image of the pianist Josef Hofmann hands playing a piano. His fingers arched in ways to resemble him playing different keys. The photographer may have purposefully edited or captured the photo in black and white to complement the black and white keys of the piano. The reflection of Hofmann hands playing the piano is nearly a splitting image of him as if there is a mirror. This image represents the creation of music.
In this image it shows a clock with hands pointed to 12 and three o clock. The tree with the bare brunches may represent the season change from fall to winter. The grass below the tree with the purple flowers may depict the season of spring. This image is an example of how time effects change. The artist makes the tree shadow like making it look far in the distance.
This image shows a ballroom filled with people. In the far distance of the image there is a stage with a band playing music. The people in the image are dancing, walking and talking engaging in various activities. This dynamic drawing has different sizes of figures and items that go while together giving the image a feel of this event actually happening. This imagery represents people coming together and enjoy music.
This painting depicts a tree with people siting under it. Also a lake on the far right and huge rocks behind the tree. This image shows the people enjoying the pleasures of outdoors. Using the shade of the tree for a perfect place for there panic. One man is setting the mood with a tune from flute. There is a couple down by the lake enjoying the pleasant breeze the open waters create. The faded blue mountains in the upper right area, are shaded which makes them look farther away.
Credits: All media
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