Conceptual Art

This is an intimate photograph of the artist and a romantic partner. The photo explores ideas of sexuality and relationships.
This self-portrait draws attention to the act of smoking- something that is both relaxing and self-destructive.
This picture includes the bare-bones facts about the artwork, requiring the viewer to look beyond the obvious.
This conceptual piece is created with harsh colors and lighting in an enclosed space. The placement of the wheelchair (and what a wheelchair signifies), adds significance to the title "You are Mine"
This photograph shows an everyday interaction that is rich in double meaning.
On Kawara created artwork surrounding the actual date the work was made. For some, this date could be completely meaningless. For others, it represents a significant day in their lives.
The artist takes a significant historical piece of art and implies it only has great meaning because of the viewer's opinion towards it.
Credits: All media
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