Into the ancient world

Many of the sculptures we have today are because of the ancient Greeks and Romans. This gallery will explore some of those pieces and include explanations for each. The themes I have chosen are movement and history/mythology. The reason I combined the last two are because the cultures considered mythology to be apart of their history. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my gallery. Julio I. Sotero

This piece depicts the god of the sky, Zeus (Jupiter in Rome). Based on my theme, Zeus is included a lot of myths that built Greece; including the creation of the world.
This amazing sculpture depicts the god of the sea, Poseidon (Neptune in Rome). Based from my theme, the way he was made was based from the moment of the period. This included realism and high detail.
This piece depicts the image of Perseus with the head of Medusa. Based on the theme, this piece also depicts movement. It shows detail and high realism.
This image depicts Hercules fighting off a lion. This shows the theme of history/mythology as Hercules is recognized has many of the findings of the world.
This piece depicts the god of war, Ares (Mars in Rome). The theme shown is history as many of the soldiers took inspiration of Ares to train, worship, and even gear.
The piece depicted is Laocoon being attacked by snakes. Some may have said this image depicts a dream. The theme shown here is movement as it depicts high detail and realism.
The piece depicted shows Roman ruler, Augustus Caesar. The theme shown is movement as is shows Caesar with power, realism, and high detail.
The piece depicted is a discus thrower of what seems to be from Olympia. The theme shown is history as the Olympic games shaped not only Greece, but the rest of the world for years to come.
The piece depicted is the poet, Homer. The theme is history/mythology as Homer shaped a generation with his writing, and has influenced people over the years.
The piece depicted represents Centaur, the mythical creatures. The theme is history/mythology as centaurs were believed in being real, and really helped stories.
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