Shadow Music - Naji Ali

Many artworks over time use shadowing to tell stories. The pieces her will take you into the light and darkness of every picture.

The subject being depicted in this painting is the womans loneliness and soulfulness. Both characteristics are being played through her music. Thats why she has "two heads". The brighter side of her is showing that she is lonely and the darker, more shadowed side is showing that she is soulful.
In this image of four musicians with wind instruments, it depicts a group of men who are dressed up in culture uniform. They might be native american. This image brings a lot of soul to music and how music is part of a culture background. The first male playing a wood instrument is very detailed with heavy lines. As the person count continues, they start to fade and blend in with the background. The background looks like its been smudged to add visual texture.
A "Man playing instrument" is a very beautiful picture. You can actually feel how much he loves playing the piano. This image brings out a lot of spirit. If you see the image in the background, it represents music notes. Having a light color red or dark colored pink in this photo, it makes the musician's clothing stand out more. Using dark lines and smudging, it brings the image to life.
This Guitar and Glass Abstraction is a beautiful piece by Juan Gris. The spot light is only on the glass and guitar, which makes it the main focus point of the picture. The artist used different shapes to create the guitar. He also made the glass look like a microphone.The different colors in the picture draws the observer to the guitar and background.
Another beautiful piece by the amazing Juan Gris. Again with the main focal point being a guitar but this time he decided to add the newspaper. Having the background a deep orange, and the table a deep red, the guitar stands out with its light colors.
"The Guitar Player" BY James McNeill is a very detailed piece. This artwork is an image of a man playing his guitar. The sketchy lines really shows detail in the mans beard. The different shading in this drawing, adds deep shadows in the clothing, which gives the image movement. This is a very unique piece of art.
Marcantonio Raimondi really created a realistic picture of " The Guitar Player". This is a picture of a man playing on a hill top. The large tree really makes the picture pop, but the small hills in the back really add depth into this photo. I love how the artist add the little note in the tree. This is like eye candy for the views. The lack of hardcore details makes the image have a smooth touch to it. The shading is outstanding!
The serie "Niños mexicanos" instrumentos is an non-avid painting. The children have no emotion seeming to be forced to play the instruments. The tiles fade into the background making the characters come forward. Also the background fading down, draws attention to the tiles.
Stop, Repair, Prepare is clearly a photograph. This photograph is an illusion. This woman is standing inside the piano making it look like she is crawling out of it. At first you don't notice the legs but taking a closer look you you can see them by the legs of the piano. This photograph shows how one needs to prepare their own instruments to create their own music.
The abstract violin is a real eye-pleaser. This piece is made with anything that has to do with a violin. The background of this piece is half of a violin and the tuners, and the violin itself is made with sheet music, the bow, both upper and lowers bouts and the waist.
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