This gallery includes multiple representations of American women contributions during World War II. These photographs also represent the internal conflicts of World War with women wanting to be apart of the war efforts up close and personal. This would open up the door for to the women rights movement in the years to come.

This piece represents Women wanting the right to be apart of the war efforts first hand.
Troops being reminded that they are Americans by the President before the jump on Memorial day. This photo is what one would expect to see our war, men receiving instruction from their respected leader.
Most women volunteered to serve during World War II through a programs like the Navy WAVES, Airforces WASP, Army's WAC, and programs like the USO.
This photo shows troop preparing to jump during World War II. Women played a very important role in preparing parachute gear and even the actual play, tank, and ship parts during World War II.
Arriving for duty; in this photo it shows four women arriving in military gear to their duty station, or getting ready to depart to their duty station during World War II.
Women were given the lighter duty jobs. The photo shows African American women in what appears to be a mail room sorting through troop mail. Though it may not seem like a big job this is probably one of the most important jobs during the time of war.
This photo depicts a woman working along side with the male troops preparing a plane during World War II.
This photo Represents two types of conflict at the time. The first is equal rights for women in America, and the second African American Women rights in America. What is depicted in the photo is Rosie the Riveter which was a popular propaganda piece during World War II to promote women volunteers for the war efforts.
This photo depicts military officers plotting and planning during World War II. There were some male officers that did not agree with the women effort toward the war.
This photo shows American troops liberating a town during World War II. All of the praise is going to the boots on the ground. Meanwhile women are being accepted by those same officers who would not accept them for the war efforts in the first place.
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