The Renaissance  

14th-17th century

Da Vinci drew this hairdos in minute detail as in the study for the Leda and the Swan.Their eyes, either modestly towered or luminous and clear, lend a sweet, sad grace to their virginal expressions..I love how the hair looks as if it is flying in the wind.
A scroll bears her Latin motto, meaning "Beauty Adorns Virtue." In the emblem's center, a sprig of juniper suggests Ginevra's name, while the encircling laurel and palm symbolize her intellectual and moral virtue. I love the galactic-vibe this painting gives off.
A drawing of a dramatic flood in which the atmosphere above a wooded hill has materialised in a gigantic explosion, with jets of water shooting out from the centre. This painting looks like something Van Gogh would have done--with the swirls & movement-looking strokes.
Angelo Poliziano’s description: "She is fair-skinned, unblemished white, and white is her garment. . . ; the ringlets of her golden hair descend on a forehead humbly proud." I love the tranquil expression.
The Genius of Victory is a 1532–34 marble sculpture by Michelangelo, produced as part of a design for the tomb of Pope Julius II. Located in Salone dei Cinquecento of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. This sculpture looks very triumphant.
Created when he was 65, Michelangelo made this picture showing the incident told in the Gospel of St John (Chapter IV, verses 5-26) where Christ met the Woman of Samaria drawing water at Jacob's well. This painting reminds me of old books.
The Torment of Saint Anthony is the earliest known painting by Michelangelo, painted after an engraving by Martin Schongauer when he was only 12 or 13 years old. The fact that Michelangelo made this when he was my current age makes me so jealous!!
A Roman soldier of Christian faith, Saint George saved the daughter of a pagan king by subduing a dragon with his lance; the princess then led the dragon to the city, where the saint killed it with his sword, prompting the king & his subjects to convert to Christianity. This reminds me of a 'prince charming' rescue scene.
The transfigured Christ floats in an aura of light and clouds above the hill, accompanied by Moses and Elijah. Below, on the ground, are his disciples. I love how Christ glorified in this.
Oil painting 1511-1512.
The figures stand on a bed of clouds, framed by heavy curtains which open to either side. The Virgin actually appears to descend from a heavenly space, through the picture plane, out into the real space in which the painting is hung.
Bruegel's emphasis is not on the labors that mark the time of the year, but on the atmosphere and transformation of the landscape itself.
Painting: Tower of Babel Date: 1563 Medium: Oil on panel Genre: Religious history painting Movement: Netherlandish Renaissance Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.
With only a stick to help them, 3 nude boy children attempt to play a game, the object of which is to pass a large ball through a hoop. A winged woman, lost in thought, splits a stick, seemingly in the process of making another hoop.
Depicted are serpents, sent by the angry gods, engaging Laocoön and one son in a mortal struggle, while a second son lies already dead at his father's side.
Turning his eyes upward toward heaven, Christ looks away from the bones and skulls that lie at his feet, representative of his triumph over death.
The Neoplatonic philosophical meaning is then clear: the work would mean the birth of love and the spiritual beauty as a driving force of life.
Dürer's primary interest was not the biblical story of the Fall of Man, but in introducing the German public to the perfectly constructed classical form of man and woman.
The wilderness of Mount Alverna is compared in early Franciscan sources to the desert of the Book of Exodus. The quivering tree at upper left may be intended to recall not only the Cross but also the burning bush of Moses’ vision at Horeb.
While it is not certain that he intended the picture to carry a message, soap bubbles were then understood to allude to the transience of life
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