Eric Alvarez History of Mood/Atmosphere in Color

For my Google Art Gallery, I wanted to choose a subject that has always captivated my interest; leading to my selection of History. I focused on color usage in the following art selections in this gallery. Color reflects and captures the mood and atmosphere of the settings and subjects.

The title is 'Blitzed Site'. The color usage in this artwork was extremely important because it had to capture the mood and the atmosphere of a location that just got blitzed.
War is not a colorful, happy topic. This artwork features a lot of dark colors and grays. This not only captures the mood of the subject depicted, but it also makes the viewer feel a similar emotion.
Preparations for D-Day' uses a gold color; reflecting confidence in the preparations for the day. The sky is still gray because war is still a looming presence over everything going on at the time.
Once again, bright colors reflecting confidence and a positive attitude towards preparations. The focus of the color wasn't on the men at the tables, but the speaker at the back of the room.
The color usage in this artwork is simple and reflects what it may look like on a ranch/farm with horses and dirt flying all around.
This canal looks worn down and damaged. The colors help the canal look worn down and abandoned. The only blue is in the water while everything else is brown and grey with hints of green for grass.
'Frostbite' as a title is instantly associated with cold weather. There are no warm colors used here, such as red or orange. The use of blues and greens reflects how the atmosphere must have felt.
It looks like there is a fire or explosion in the center of this image. The colors seem to reflect that while casting a shadow on the characters in the foreground.
There is no life in this image. The bodies are a dull brown and green. The only blue is in the sky at the top, but everything else appears lifeless. Brown, I noticed, is usually used to show dullness.
The colors in the sky show a sunset, along with the title "parting day". The use of greens is simple and represents grass/bushes. Blue is used here to represent water and distant mountains.
Credits: All media
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