Landscape harmony

In this gallery you will find paintings of very detailed landscapes and buildings. Some are happy and colorful and some are colorless and have deep emotion in them. All of the artists are very skilled in what they do and most of them aren't from North America. These are cool landscape paintings that I like and I hope you like them too. Enjoy your visit to my gallery.

The painter, Pieter Bruegel, got his training in Antwerp(a city in Belgium) in 1551. A year later he went to Italy and spent lots of time in Rome.
Artúr Lieszkovský was the first talented painter in the Slovak area. Slovak is a country above Hungary.
Most Dutch painters in the 1600's painted landscapes of cloud filled blue skies. Aert Van Der Neer mastered nocturnal painting.
Allart Everdingen went to Scandinavia to look for inspiration. He returned to Dutch in 1644 and painted landscapes with pine forests and waterfalls.
Gruner was one of the most popular landscape artists working in Australia in 1910 to 1939. He was awarded the Wynne Prize for landscape at the Art Gallery of New South Wales 7 times from 1916 to 1937.
This is a painting of a storm rolling in over mountains. There are lighter clouds on the left side, and darker clouds on the right.
Jacob van Ruisdael was the most important painter of realistic landscapes in seventeenth-century Holland. His work was enormously influential on English landscape painters around 1800.
This painting by Thomas Moran depicts the canyon of the Yellowstone River's Lower Falls. There is a barely visible river flowing from the center of the painting.
There is a river running through mountains. on the right there is a waterfall on the mountains.
This painting shows a very detailed river rushing through some river banks.
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