Sad thoughts. Lizette hernandez.

My theme is sadness/depression. These images should provoke a saddened feeling, from the color to the actual images. I wanted to make my theme sad because I tend to think art work with a sad meaning behind it makes you search for a deeper meaning. Why is the person in this art sad? Are there clues as to why in the painting, normally there is and when you look closely you can usually find them.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lizette Hernandez.                   

This work of art has what looks to be a storm forming in the background. The landscape looks a little beat up to me which leads me to believe there possibly had been a tornado at some point.
The colors in this art are dark and and mainly blacks. Though it seems like the sea is relatively calm aside from the waves pulling up on the shore, the image does give the feel of something ominous.
I love this image because the colors are bright and misleading. It is misleading because there is a shipwreck just on the shore indicating someone could have drown at sea.
This image also has bright colors but the man in this picture is crying. There is no clear indication about what he is saddened by but you are able to tell by his facial expression he is sad.
This one is sad because surgery is sad, there is a possibility of the person not making it. But I think what makes this unsettling for me is the fact we aren't really able to see anyones face.
This image fits into my theme because we have a lone man at a table; Not sure what he is doing but the way he sits seems to be in a defeated manner. The way his head is bowed makes me think of sadness.
This picture speaks for itself on why it is in my gallery. This nurse or wife sits by this man who has died and looks up with a saddened expression. The rocks behind the are also soaked in blood, there are skulls around them which means others have died there as well.
The colors in this painting are dark and the woman sitting at the desk is dressed in all black, possibly morning a loved one. Her head hangs which leads me to believe she is crying, though she could be praying. This image still depicts sadness whatever she is doing.
In this picture it looks like there is a battle going on, in the background the clouds look red with fire and there seems to be sparks coming from another boat. In the foreground we see men floating on a piece of drift wood trying to escape the battle with their lives. This image is sad because obviously war is sad, the colors and scene just show that perfectly.
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