The impressionist artistic period took place between the years 1870-1905. Some of the most famous Impressionist painters resided in France, two being Claude Monet and Edgar Degas. Both of their careers contain motifs and emphasize light and color.

Monet's first wife was one of his favorite subjects to paint. Here she is with one of his son's. In this painting, Monet's brushstrokes are evident, and the movement of the grass, clouds, and Camille's dress are eloquently portrayed. The light and shadows of the clouds are emphasized and utilized a one of the many themes of Impressionism.
During the end of Monet's life, he and his second wife moved to Giverny, France. It was here where he painted his most famous creations. Monet's water lilies are known for their bright spurts of color and its blended brushstrokes depicting the serene scenes.
During the end of Van Gogh's life he was experiencing great mental and physical health problems. This greatly influenced his artwork which became increasingly darker and more abstract, believed to be depicting his internal struggle and thoughts.
In this painting, Van Gogh's use of color is very apparent in the contrast between the blue of the sky and the golden-ness of the wheat. His heavy brushstrokes depict the movement of the field and the clouds drifting in the sky.
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