Text and image relationship on restaurant signboard

This image collection covers how the text and image in the signboards are interacting to amplify the meanings in the signboards.

The girl in the cat costume explains the club’s function more plainly than words ever could. We can find out the identity and function of the club right after seeing this image.
There is a chicken surrounded by aurora at the very right side of the signboard. The crown above the chicken implies that this store is one of the best restaurants in chicken.
The font of the main text expresses dynamic and exciting atmosphere of the restaurant. The text of left side and the image of right side cooperate to deliver store's feature; a traditional dance show.
A red color, big eye, open mouth expresses freshness of fish. This image directly shows what the restaurant sells. A name of the store is highlighted by red color and thick font.
Sammy's kitchen is Beef steak restaurant. So it has Big cow frame.“Sammy’s kitchen” typography shows irregular thickness, cursive form and big “S” letter This makes the signboard look actively.
In this signboard of "the patch's",which Local restaurant with small kitchen garden,has wide font with straight serif.And the remarkable fresco is Harmonizing with the stable typography in sign board
It is a signboard of cafe for artists. A little bit distressed face and anonymous man are mingled in black background. so, we can see how image on sign board enhance the effectiveness of store name.
Taking a close look at this signboard, we can find two types of font. The Chinese word show irregular thickness with dramatic change. so, it is more expressive and less legible than English word.
In terms of typography, it has simple typeface without any decorations and leaves narrow space between thick letters. So, these things are making it more visible and outstanding.
The first letter meaning spicy is emphasized by being colored in red and mixing with the shape of chilli peppers. The name was written in cursive style, but others in uniform, easily readable style.
The shape of this signboard imitates Chinese palace. The top of this imitates a crown, which makes the signboard look more splendid, and the middle part represents the roof of the palace.
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