my savior - Charles Bell

Welcome to my art gallery, this gallery will include representations of early Renaissance art.  These religious pieces such as events of jesus and his journey potrayed through out the 15th century.  You can expect plenty of movement and texture when looking at these different artworks.  I hope you enjoy my gallery and everything it has to offer.

The Baptism of Christ depicts Christ Jesus standing in a shallow river getting baptized in front of three woman. I especially like the fact that Christ is about to get splashed with the water, I can really see the movement in this painting even with the ripples in the water by his feet.
This painting of Adam and Eve depicts the biblical story of Adam and Eve with the snake or serpent trying to get Eve to bight the apple and disobey God. I also like the fact that it was in Black and white, it really brings out the space in this painting when you notice the wooded tree line.
The Risen Christ and portraits of three Avogadors depicts Christ rising from his death after he was crucified. Underneath him are two soldiers that are hurt with two angels flying with Jesus and Three Avogadors that seem to be in worship of what they are witnessing. I can see movement with Jesus and the angels.
Dead Christ and Angels depicts what seems to be a lifeless Jesus Christ with to beautiful angles comforting him. One Angel holding his wrist and kissing his hand and the other Angel is by his feet with his cloth by her face. The contrast in this painting gives us a song since of light colors and dark colors.
Faith is a depiction of a woman holding the cross in her left hand, And a goblet over her head with her right hand. This painting is very unique due to the horizontal lines used to separate the black space, and the composition is more towards the bottom right with a lot of texture.
Madonna and Child with St. Elizabeth and St. John depicts two little babies one on Madonna's lap and the other sitting by her feet. With St. Elizabeth on Madonna's right with the white head piece. This painting shows the use of similar figures and shapes used by leonardo da vinci.
The Entombment of Christ depicts the laying down of Jesus Christ after he was let down off the cross and put to rest. With Christ on the tomb and six people carrying him. The use of color is different in this painting it sort of brings a bronze color to the painting as a whole not that much use of contrast.
Cross depicts a three dimensional piece with Jesus on the Cross and to the left and right of his arms are the Virgin Mary on his left and John on his right. With two angels on the top and bottom of the Cross. The use of exaggerated decline of his head and the way the body and ribs are potrayed really make it stand out.
Saint Peter the Apostle depicts the Apostle Peter in a still painting by himself in what seems to be a Church or Cathedral with two different keys in his right hand and possibly the bible in his left hand close to his heart. Looking up almost if he is looking for answers. The use of texture is seen with the different patterns.
Last Judgment depicts Jesus Christ rising above all who is witnessing. The use of shapes to create all of the individual people and there movement really draws you in to see just what is going on. In the center of the composition and the top you see Jesus almost hovering over the people turning them in to believers.
Credits: All media
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