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I love photographs and anything vintage. So I found a group of black and white photographs to show my appreciation for art. 

I chose this photograph because I love how the children really let their personalities show. The photograph really makes them look like hooligans who are having a good time
I chose this photograph because it made me think about the photographer who took it. It makes me wonder about the scenery surrounding this body of water. It makes me want to see the hills/mountains around it
I like how deserted this photograph looks. The trees look so bare, the grass looks dead, and there is no train on the tracks. It makes me think about how peaceful it must have been before the photograph was taken.
I love how this photograph makes me feel part of life in 1910. I love how you can clearly see the people's outfits. I love how the people are enjoying each other's company without anything like technology getting in the way.
My favorite photos are those in nature, especially with mountains and rivers. I love how the clouds on the top of the photo look ominous. This reminds me of how I used to go camping with my family and brings me back to a happy time in my life.
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