I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work.  -Shelby Frazer

Color This artwork shows an arrange of colors. The main color in this picture is blue. There are many colors that are not used as much such as orange,green, and purple
Texture The texture in this work from far away looks ridged and it looks like it is covered in rectangle. Zooming in you see a bunch of squiggly lines which would give it a bumpy texture.
Value This photo is a good example of what value is showing how the picture goes from dark to light. There is a mixture of light in dark. There is also a good amount of unused space.
Lines The lines in this photo the lines look like they are hand drawn due to the fact that they are not perfectly straight. The lines in this photo are so close together.
Shapes This art shows different shapes such rectangles, triangular prisms, and semi-circles. Some of the shapes seem to be organic and free drawn.
Form The painting gives the figure a 3D look. It makes it look like you can touch the item.
Space In this picture there is many extra space that is unused. There is gap between both candles.
Credits: All media
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