The first photograph is a beautiful shot of the Brooklyn Bridge. It was taken by Andreas Feininger in May of 1954. I chose this picture because, I am from Brooklyn. And looking at this picture makes me appreciate and proud of where I am from. The next picture is a graffiti tag on a street pole. The photo was taken in Hollywood. I really like this picture because, I was always a fan of graffiti designs and this one caught my eye especially because, it is showing a kid looking curious of the surroundings around him.The next two photos are from World War 2. I always found World War 2 to be very interesting. The first photo is a picture taken of the devastation of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki at the end of the War. This is a very powerful photo because, it shows all the devastation that happened during the War and that it unfortunately had to come down to the United States dropping to atomic bombs. The other picture is a very iconic photo of everybody celebrating in Times Square that the war was over. In the photo, it shows a soldier and a nurse sharing a kiss in celebration of the war. I chose this picture because it contrasts from the previous one of the devastation caused by the atomic bomb. In these two photos it shows that ones' devastation is a celebration for someone else. The final photo was taken by John Olson on October 6, 1969. It was taken in Shea Stadium, the home of the New York Mets at the conclusion of the 1969 World Series. It shows all the fans running onto the field in celebration that the Mets won their first World Title. I chose this picture because I am a die hard New York Mets fan, and I am hoping that the Mets could win at least one World Series title in my lifetime so I could celebrate like that. 

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