Egyptian Art

AJ Jinks -Art -Period 9

It is called Still Life With Fish. -This was Made with paint. -It was made by Feyhaman Duran who was Turkish. -It is located at the Sakip Sabanci Museum
It is called Slatuette of a Striding Mane -It is a sculpture -Was made by an Unidentified Artist -It is located at the Harvard Art Museum
It is called Wine Flagon -It is made out of Rock -Made by an Unknown Artist -Located at Rijksmuseum van Oudheden
It is called Faience Vessel with Procession of Four Bulls -It is mad of clay -No one knows who made this -Located in the Brooklyn Museum
This is Called Hippo -It was made out of rock in Egypt -It was painted using dyes -Made by and unknown artist -Located in the Brooklyn Museum
Credits: All media
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