Paintings of Significance 

These paintings come from the perspectives of differ artists on topics such as people, nature, and battles. The different artwork vary in the year or era they were made or the reason it was created. The different artists capture all types of ideas creatively. It represents what America was very much influenced by and what it caused it to be what it is today. 

This painting shows an important person,John Eardley Wilmot, writing an important document. In this painting there in is painting in itself, inception. In the painting Eardley is viewing another painting of people writing a document.
This painting has the British army in war and many soldiers fighting or dead. There is a lot of red and brightness to the left of the painting and darkness covers the right side of the painting showing the good and bad.
This painting has George Washington in a stance and makes everybody look at him because he seems very important. Washington seems to be ready to say a speech since he appears to have stood up from his very fancy chair behind him.
This painting is very blurry visually since nothing is quite clear. It has a man appearing to be in a cave talking to another person that it seems he just meant since he isn't wearing the same type of clothes.
This painting shows Pat Lyon working as a blacksmith. Lyon is in his middle of work and shows the past of how they made that. There is also another worker in the background yet all of the light goes to Lyon and the other guy is in the dark.
This painting is of a man named James Peale. The painting is almost all in the dark except Peale's face and the photograph he is looking at. It appears to be very valuable to him because of the look on his face.
This painting has a very god view of Niagara Falls. It gets the full view of it and gives an idea to the viewer of how it looks if they never have gone there. It is all of nature and shows it beauty.
This painting is from very old times from Italy. It shows the city far in the background with 3 people in the front. Yet only the girl is in the very light and the other two in the background.
This painting shows a family with a really nice house. It is very fancy with the girl pointing at a fish in the bowl. This family seems to be very rich because of the place they are in and because of their pet fish.
This sketch has a soldier that has lost his leg because of war not being able to walk too much and kids come up to him to help him and make him feel better.
This painting has the farmland area with people enjoying the river. It has farmhouses and many hills showing the many villages their are.
This painting has Margaret George McGlathery showing her old age. She seems to be vey religious since she has a bible with her. She is in the light with the background being mostly dark compared to her.
This painting shows a portrait of Isaac Avery in a chair with a book in his hand. He seems to be very intelligent since he seems to ready and is probably wealthy.
This painting has a lot of detail since there is a lot of items in. First there are books and small pieces of paper written on with the head of a statue. This could show the items a person that traveled a lot would have.
This shows nature with the rive and mountains everywhere. it is nighttime since it is dark., it is the end of the day. There are buildings of people very small but it is emphasizing on the view of nature.
This painting shows pure landscape of what the surroundings is. There doesn't seem to be any people in painting purely focusing on nature and the many trees and hills.
This painting has an eagle which is a representation of USA. It shows how strong America is and how America is always looking for the better.
This painting has many birds and the surroundings. It is colorful and just nature by the river and hills in the far background. It shows the birds in there regular habitat.
This statue is very detailed of Jean de La Fonatine. It gives a different perspective of what he would look like instead of just a painting of him. His face gives off an impression of him thinking about something.
This is a small statue of Bust of Pius VI Braschi which has very detailed clothing which could show how was very rich and because of this had very fancy clothes. It is also another perspective instead of just having a painting.
This is a statue of Bust of Benjamin Rush which shows how much thought he had in his mind. He seems to be concentrating on something since his view is looking away.
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