Failure & consequences 

Throughout both Jane Jacobs and Dashiell Hammett's work you will see a strong theme of  failure.  Although one is a work of fiction and the other a work of non-fiction, it is not hard to witness the failure that occurs and the consequences that are derived from it.  Jacobs advocates for a better way of life and Red Harvest presents us with an entire story based on the corruption of one town that ultimately leads to the failure of his mission. Both authors demonstrate the consequences that occur because of their different failures in trying to do the right thing.Their writing styles are obviously different  Jacobs in The Life and Death of Great American Cities exemplifies the failure we find in cities, specifically neighborhoods, due to the fear of failure, by city planners and those that advocate for change in areas that have already been predetermined to fail. In Red Harvest you see a different type of failure, mainly because the Continental Op must perform his job in a way that he would normally deem unsatisfactory. Both authors were specific in their beliefs and ideas.  They had hope for how things ought to be done to work in a proper manner.  However, even with the Continental Op trying to clean up the corruption and failure and Jacobs advocating for a better tomorrow without these things, further negative consequences are derived in the form of crime, destruction and devastation, violence, lack of safety and manipulation.

Both authors try to be reasonable, this brings destruction. "Mafia brought to destroy union,only destroy town H,9). "Planners don't fail to see unslumming, ends in destruction (J, 271)."
Failure brings crime. Personville is overrun. "Last honest person in town murdered (H,1). Planners fail. "Street gangs do their fighting in public areas (J,76)."
Failure to achieve goals breeds corruption. Education used for own means. "Faced with financial & official opposition for renewal (J,Intro). "Pete the Finns men made into special force (H,185)."
Failure to provide safety. "People say a city is dangerous...a jungle...feel unsafe (J,30). Wilsson trying to spread truth. "Wilsson shot very dead by parties unknown (H,7)."
Vacuum borders created.No access. Is attempt to restore order to "lawless mining town". Now have fewer uses. "running down process is set in motion...deadening area (J,260)".Creates chaos/failure.
Failed plans breeds corruption. "Planning should not be about tearing down & rebuilding (H,275)." Right thing not always done. Corruption removed. "..want town emptied..crooks & grafters (H,43).
Declares "attack on city planners & rebuilding (J,103). Destroyed city depicts dreary nature & blacklisted zones. (...getting rears out of murders isn't natural H,157).
Hope, a better day & manipulation of it. Criminals "... were played like trout & I enjoyed it (H,157)."A new kind of structural organization (J, 422). She had hope to manipulate the planners system.
Represents a fresh start. Both authors wanted change. Jacobs used her voice to help create a better tomorrow. The Co-Op while cynical and willing to go to extreme measures also wanted better.
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