Martin to Cezanne Landscapes by Michael J

This artwork shows a normal landscape, but the weather is about to get bad. The thunderstorm above in the clouds, shows a problem soon to occur
In this painting, John shows the splitting of the Earth. This reminds me again of the 2012 doomsday theory, because people thought this kind of stuff would happen. Martin also said this painting is "unfinished" as you can see in the background.
This artwork by Martin shows a prehistoric landscape with a massive castle in the background. I like this one, because I think old time castles are interesting, and I wish I could have seen one.
This artwork by Cezanne shows a more peaceful landscape, as compared to Martins. It has a nice, little house, on an open prairie with some cool mountains in the background
In this one, Cezanne painted a small town on a hillside, with a curvy road. I like this one because i always thought it would be cool to live on the side of a hill like that.
This painting shows a bigger town, with much more space between each house. I like the design of the house closest to us, and the space they have on their property.
Credits: All media
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