War Art

War through different light

A re-occurrant theme with paintings depicting war which can be seen in this piece and most modern pieces of artwork, are the cool depressing colors; and focus on the background rather than figures.
In Images like this one however use color and emphasis on the character actions to tell more of a glorious tale of war, a theme that is more common when the artist most likely would not have been involved
This piece from the American Revolutionary period is an early example of propaganda in the form of a political cartoon. This piece is interesting because it uses the bright colors again to make the characters and images more engaging
Asian artwork from this period and this piece in particular are a good mid point between the two themes supported in my gallery; Because this imagine depicts the gruesomeness that is war but because of samurai culture they are also depicted as glorious.
The same midpoint theme can be seen in this image as well. The cool bleak tan color of the background describes the reality that is war for the soldiers, However the soldiers themselves depict a lot of action and energy giving the image intensity.
This image here is created from the soldier point of view which goes against everything that embodies propaganda tries to do. Not only is this image bleak but its black and white and uses the characters to tell a sad story of loss
In this piece of art the used the characters, color, and style to tell a story of sadness, the difference with this paining is it seems to depict civilians instead of soldiers being effected by the war in this uncomfortable scene.
This piece is an interesting addition to my gallery because it doesn't depict any characters. In the foreground we see mud and dead trees all dark colors. In the background we see blue skies and fields and houses. The contrast between the two levels really shows the impact war has.
This is one of the early images in my gallery that shows the brutality and massive loss of life that is war. We see soldiers in different uniforms of all ranks killed on both sides. In the center is a fat man that seems to be orchestrating. I think around this time people were beginning to realize who benefits from waging war.
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