Kianni Shape Gallery

This piece is an example of a rectilinear shape because it has sharp edges and straight sides.
This piece is more of all negative. in this piece you cant really see what the artist is mainly trying to bring out in this piece
This piece is a mixture of rectilinear and curvilinear shapes. It includes sharp edges and sides.
This image involves negative and positive shapes. The pot is considered the positive shape and the background is considered the negative shape.
This piece involves many things from positive to rectilinear to curvilinear. The circles being used are curvilinear. The lines and designs are rectilinear. The whole carpet in general is positive.
This piece involves negative and positive shape. See in the center flower you can see how its outline and bolded out , unlike the back ones those are basically used as the negative.
This piece uses rectilinear with the shape parts on the buildings, the curvilinear is used in like the making of the tree , positive is the buildings and negative is the background.
This piece uses negative shape by the background of the people and tree. See the horse is used as positive and is brought out but the people and tree are more of a background for the horse.
This piece has a lot of curvilinear shapes. The flowers are made of more curvy shapes other than sharp rectilinear shapes.
This piece has a very positive part You can see the lining of the horses and how the horses were made to be brought out of the image.
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