Hello, everyone! welcome to my gallery which has some pictures of Modern art. Especially, there are the simplest arts those probably seem like no meaning there, but there must be a lot of serious ideas about our life. These kind of arts are showing uncomplicated line or shape, so audiences will get clear information what the artist wants to say to us. However, some of people say sometimes it looks like childish work; yes, that's true, I think the simplest art has to be simple and clear as child's art that means when child draws whose idea which must be showed by intuition. Therefore, this art will deal with the audience by clear scene because most modern arts place emphasis on talking about social problem, so it has to be the information as a new paper which shows the news by clear paragraph and typography.

Ultimately, it's same as my idea that I want to make a media of advertisement, Which always has to be clear for giving information obviously and it has to have interesting idea for attracting customers. For example, whenever I appreciate Keith Haring's works, I really admire his idea. His art looks like very simple and it feels like a foolish joke, but if I look at that closer, I can see a lot of serious stories in there. When the audiences watch Keith's art that they will see funny picture first time ,than they recognize there are verity news about social problems. In conclusion, when I watch the modern arts, I feel complicate emotion, but I try to find obvious idea what the artist wants to give something to me. that time is a little bit suffering, but that will be fun time to look for some of thoughts.

be sarcastic
puzzle and maze
Chart and poster can be art with display
It's interest abstract this has a lot of feelings, so people can dream themselves by abnormal picture
Credits: All media
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