elements of art gallery:Color 

This gallery will show examples of the different elements of colors it will explain what element is used in each image and how did I know that element was being used in that artwork.   By:Maricruz Perez                

This image shows primary colors for example the colors red, blue,yellow as they are shown in the image thats why the image shows the primary colors.
This image shows tetradic because the blue and red colors are complementary and in this image the color red is dominate unlike the blue that is just the background.
This artwork shows tertiary colors because it is a mixture of primary colors and secondary colors, a primary color in this image is blue and a secondary color is green.
This artwork shows complementary colors because in this image because it shows colors that are on the opposite side in the color wheel like the colors green and red used in this image.
This artwork is an example of monochromatic because as it is shown in the artwork that the same color is used but with different shades some layers are darker and others are lighter.
This artwork shows an example of Tertiary colors because in this image there are secondary colors and primary colors an example of a secondary color is orange and a primary color is blue.
This artwork shows n example of the analagous colors because these purples are right next to each other in the color wheel for example the dark purple and light purple.
This image shows the Secondary colors because in this image there is the color some orange purple and green these colors are a mixture of primary colors that make these colors.
This artwork shows the split complementary color because this image shows opposite colors togethers as in the colors red and green, or purple and yellow that are used in this image.
This image shows an example of warm colors because in the image it shows red and yellow those are warm colors that can be used.
This artwork shows cool colors because this image has the colors green and blue in the sky, these colors reduce into the distance like the sky that gets into a lighter blue by the distance.
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