Harmony of time and nature

To show harmony between time and nature. With the time aspect I try to make it as if the time of day is changing with each piece of art. With nature I try to showcase it's beauty in an environment of some sort. These two things time and nature are everlasting. I believe that this makes a great combination together time and nature the pair that always returns.

This photo represents the beginning of a new day of the year in your garden about to leave your house.
This photo can be taken in two ways, it could resemble falling leaves or if you look closely you can see fish swimming. Represents the leaves swimming through the sky as you walk off.
This piece of art is when you would go out for a morning stroll and go to a picnic ground.
Study of the Sky is when you have to take time, look up, and think.
This time of day is when it starts to darken.
Here are the haystacks you pass by on your way back home.
This here is a smaller waterfall you pass everyday, it shows that you are going the right way.
These trees are also on the way home they are close to the waterfall and the sun has officially gone down.
This is the plaza right around your house, this is the end of your walk.
This represents the last thing you see, the city and stars, before you drift off to sleep.
Credits: All media
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