The color blue representing serenity in the form of art

The color blue can represent a calm, warm environment to people and for me these pictures help show those feelings. 

I chose this piece because of how the water and sky bring the valley a very relaxing feel as if it was a place that has yet to be touched by man
I chose this picture because of the use of both light and dark blue coloring it has. The shape of the star reminds me of a lotus flower which can represent a type of beauty and calmness in our world.
I chose this piece because of how the darkness of the blues on the lake and the sky make you feel more relaxed and at peace.
I chose this piece because of the sunset in the background along with the blue colored mountains. The picture itself just seems so quiet and nice.
I picked this piece because of the water and the sky for the most part. The light blues just help take your eye off of the fields and gives it a nice relaxing feeling.
I chose this picture because of how warm of a feeling it gives off from the blue walls.
I chose this because forests are always usually pretty peaceful and quiet and during the winter the different color blues really make this picture seem innocent.
I chose this piece because I really liked how it was done in almost all blue and has that little house on the side. Really nice piece of art and very warm feeling just from looking at it.
I chose this picture because of how it uses all blue and from that is just makes it feel so simple. When I look at this picture I feel nice and relaxed. Reminds me of fishing and how peaceful it is.
The coloring in this picture makes me think of a nice Sunday morning back at home. The blues in it make me feel like there is no rushing or cares about anything but enjoying time with family.
I love this piece and my reason for choosing it was because of the transitioning blue going down the picture along with the moth and the moon. The moth and the moon alone draw my eyes constantly.
I chose this primarily because of the darkness of the blue and how around the sun it fades making you feel like it's night time without even reading the title. Just a very good use of colors.
I chose this because it was a little bit different than the others I chose previously. This being a little more spaced and basic. The blues just give it that peaceful environment feeling.
I chose this because of how the blues make the night time feel normal and with the strokes given it feels like there is so much motion going on. But the blue really brings out the relaxed feelings
This picture was chosen because of the way the walls and curtains make the house feel warm. Personally I think if the walls and curtains were anything but blue it wouldn't give off the same feeling
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