double-take by isabella Zacapa

There are all kinds of religions in the world, each more interesting than the last. Religion, like most things in life consist of more than meets the eye. For centuries, dedicated believers have worshipped through various ways, including art. 

One of the most painted themes is religion. It was very common among artists to include celestial beings in there works. This one includes angels and saints, although it doesn't say what specific religion it's from.
Jesus Christ is one of the most influential religious leaders. Undoubtedly, artists wanted to characterize him. Here he is depicted as a good shepherd taking care of his sheep.
Some paintings don't have to be extremely detailed in order to convey emotion. These paintings, simple as may be, show what seems to be Mary and Jesus.
Since cameras weren't around by the time Jesus was alive, it was up to the artists to try to give him a face. Millions tried, but no one knows.
This is enough to make you look twice, but it's intricate details also have a story behind them. Apart from hinduism, other religions believe in worship as well.
There are more than one interpretations of this scene, this is one of the many. Just like in any religion, the experience is different for each individual.
Again, angels were very common in paintings. This one just happens to be ironic because it includes nudity despite being about holiness.
Some people don't conform to the rules of religion. They believe you are free to do as you please. It's controversial and raises a lot of shock, but it's there.
Churches have always been a huge part of any religion, specially the more traditional ones. Here is a picture of three different denominational churches standing next to each other.
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