This is a vase.  It is open at the top like a fan, then gets really skinny in the middle of the vase.  At the bottom, it is bulbous, like a potato.  In the 'fan' part of the vase, it has lots of colorful 'swirls' that go from the skinny part, out to the top of the vase.  Movement in art is when the piece of art shows movement, has the look or feeling of action, or when it guides the viewer's eyes around or across to all the different components of the piece of art.  I think this piece shows movement because of the shape.  The shape of the vase guides the viewer's eye either down to the base, or up to the top where it is open.  The 'swirls' also have movement.  They guide the viewer to look from the outside edges of the 'fan' to the skinny middle part of the vase.

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