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New Mexico

This is a multi-residential complex. It is made of reddish brown adobe, and is 5 to 6 stories high. There are not many windows and no doors on the 1st floor, this was how they defended themselves. Cedar logs held up the roof of branches, grass, and mud.
This is an adobe style church. It has rounded arches with yellow limestone blocks. The doors are made of heavy bronze panels. The style of the church is of Romanesque Revivel style.
These are outdoor ovens, typically called a Horno. They are made from mud and adobe. They are in a beehive shape. Wood and coal are used to heat the ovens. Mud is used to seal the doors.
Hanging chili is one of tradition that brought family and friends together. Chili was harvested and hung on long strings. They are tied by their stems one after another to create a beautiful vine of chili. People now hang them as an art piece.
Turquoise jewelry is made for personal adornment. It is made to reflect culture and the makers own artistic taste. This jewelry is made from all natural materials like metal, wood, gems, and beads.
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