Caleb's Powerful Photo's Clare 209 Sum 1

Some of the most powerful and breathtaking images of my findings. Includes images of everyday life, the power of man, and the struggles life throws at us. 

i chose this image because it strikes you as soon as you look at it, it puts gives you something without having to look too deeply, which is fitting to my taste.
This image is powerful to me because it represents everyday life and the regularity of it. I can remember many times waking up in a hotel or apartment to a scene very similar to this which is why it grabs my attention.
This photo is instantly appealing to the eye with its bright lights and colors, it gives the viewer a sense of excitement which is what the city life is all about. it also depicts the mass structures and beauty man has the ability to create which always is amazing to me.
this image speaks to the simplicity of photography, Lee Friedlander who shot this image was quoted saying "you don't to go out and create photography, it is right there sitting out there for you, you just have to shoot it." In saying this the image speaks for itself.
I thought this was one of the most powerful photographs that I looked at, It shows the struggle of poverty and how everyone is effected, even the youth. It also shows a sense of humanity though as the young boy is attempting to comfort his peer who is having some sort of hard time.
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