A mothers love in red

This gallery has artwork that shows love of a mother who wears red. All the mothers in these paintings are wearing red. Red can be a color that symbolizes love and a mothers love is precious and unlike any other kind of love.

I choose this picture because you can see that Marie-Antoinette de Lorraine-Habsbourg has so much joy being surrounded by her children. The color red in her dress brings out that love she has for them.
A mother holds her child in her arms as a baby to protect and guide them. I choose this painting because the Virgin Mary is wearing red and is holding Jesus guiding and protecting for him.
Elisa Bonaparte is also wearing red in this painting with her daughter. The smile on her face shows that love for her daughter and the happiness she has in this moment. The red in her dress helps make this emotion stand out.
In this painting Madonna is wearing is the only one wearing a red dress as she holds her child. I choose this painting because the red dress helps Madonna stand out as a mother holding her child.
This is a loving and passionate painting even though there is not a lot of emotion showing through both mother and child. Sometimes love is not shown by a smile but by a simple stare. Madonna is also hugging her child which shows a form of affection. She is once again wearing the color red.
As the Virgin Mary looks down at her child with a smile in her red dress, you can see the love being created in this beautiful painting of a mother and her child. You can see her child is in love with her just as much as she is in love with him.
Raphael creates a painting of a mother spending time with her children reading to them and watch them play. This is another perfect example of a mothers love. As a mother she is represented in a red dress again.
In this painting Raphael shows Virgin Mary, baby Jesus and Baby John the Baptist. Mary is holding baby Jesus, showing representation of a mother guiding her baby. Once again as a mother she is in a red dress.
I choose this painting because the mother in red has a different kind of look compared so some of the other mothers I have seen. She has a empty glare and a sense of worry as she keeps her child close to her.
In this painting, the mother in red, is the main focus with her baby in her hand. There is no landscape of setting, she and her baby is the main focus and I really like that about this painting. The crown on her adds to it showing royalty.
Another painting of a mother in red supporting her child. I love this painting because it shows a mother in red standing by her child as he does something to bless others and change the world.
A lot of painting I've looked at shown a mother who either was glancing at her child, supporting and playing with her child or smiling with joy with her child. This is painting the mother in red, gives a sense of unhappiness. Maybe it is the sense of seriousness in her face but the red in her dress brings out her unhappiness instead of her love. The only love that is being shown to be is her arm around her child.
This mother in red is watching her child as he lays asleep. I think this is such a beautiful painting because it shows passion and undying love for a child. When I spoke to some new mothers they explain the love of a child is feeling hard to explain, I think this painting represents it very well.
I love how this painting looks as if they are all in the clouds. It gives a sense of heaven and love. In this painting Virgin Mary in red is holding her child in her arms and they are both looking out to give a sense of them both staring at you, I love that. It gives a feeling of something personal between you and the mother and son in the painting.
Such a beautiful setting to have Mary and her baby Jesus in the Gothic cathedral, a place of holiness, to show the miracle birth. I choose this picture because beauty of a mother and child.
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