Art is a subjective medium that is capable of expressing a vast array of emotions, concepts, and chiefly ideas about how humans explore the world around them. Love, jealousy, anger, hope; these are all emotions that are attributed to the human experience and are expressed often times by artists as whole concepts, rather than as segments intertwined with each other. Our group has chosen to examine love on a grander scale and look at not just at the standard cookie cutter portrayal of mating rituals or ideals, but on a deeper level where love exists in many ways.  The art within our gallery was chosen to convey unrequited love, jealous love, philotherianism ( or love of animals), happy love, and different shades of ideas that blend together. In our art pieces there tends to be more than one idea expressed in the given work. As a viewer of the piece it is difficult to divest all emotions from each other as they work in tandem with each ones opposites. Indeed. Love can come wedded with pain, hope, sadness, joy, and the entire spectrum of human feelings. Love can allow an artist to express love of the material world, companionship, or love of the natural world, and of course the ideal world without leaving the comforts of their own paradigm. We are limited only by our lack of curiosity to explore these concepts. Understanding love and the cacophony of factions that dwell inside its folds pushes us further in the direction of understanding not only ourselves and the world we live in, but of the unknown and that which we fear.

Gustav Klimt was known for incorporating odd materials such as gold and fabric into his paintings. He showed not only how these materials could be used in new ways but he would attempt to replicate the fashion of the time, thus preserving it. His paintings would take on an almost 3D quality in terms of perspective and actual tactile feel of the painting. This work was included in the gallery to emphasis the love of the material. Objects that exist in one world may not survive to be seen in another. Klimt innovated the way in which women wanted to have their portraits done and was sought after not only to immortalize their physical features, but of their dress and its connection to the time. Love of the material is often seen as petty by the world but it is the material world in which we inhabit and there should be no shame in loving the things around you. It may be that you are what you eat – but you certainly are known and judged in this world for what you wear.
It is difficult for people to love and not have that love returned in kind. Unrequited love is a concept that is often explored across all the arts. The concept is different from tragic love in that more often than naught those who fall victim to tragic love both love each other. With unrequited love it is the affections of one that go unanswered. It is with that in mind that we have chosen to have Elaine by Sophie Anderson included in the collection. The painting tells the tale of the young maiden Elaine who has died of a broken heart after falling in love with Sir Lancelot who himself has fallen in love with Queen Guinevere. The tones in the painting while warm, act almost as a counter balance to the sad scene being shown. Elaine is being ferried down the river by her father and is dressed in her funeral clothing. This work conveys sadness that unrequited love but this painting is also told from the perspective of a female artist, which in the time was not common.
If you have ever heard the idioms that “You are stuck between a rock and a hard place” then you have just been introduced to the painting Glaucus and Scyllia by Joseph William Turner. In Greek mythology Glaucus and Scyllia have been transformed into monsters that will way lay travelers by sea. Turner’s painting depicts a scene from before the two were changed in which Scyllia as a beautiful nymph is fleeing the affections of Glaucus. To frighten Scyllia away from Glaucus, Circe the daughter of the sun has transformed Glaucus into a monster. Circe will then transform Scyllia into a rock and the two will spend an eternity apart by close to one another. This painting exemplifies the idea of tragic love. It has been added to this collection to invoke the emotion that comes between two individuals when they have never had the chance to experience love, passion, or truth as they have both been betrayed. One by an outsider, and the other by her own fear.
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