Different women of the 19th Century 

I decided to do my art gallery over different women of the 19th Century because each picture was so unique to me period. When I looked at each picture I quickly made my own judgement about the women, but when I read more about them I discovered a different story than what I thought. Learning about these women and their different stories interests me because usually I don't like old paintings/pictures but these were much more different than just old pictures. Each of these women have a different story and some of them have great talents. I have attached 8 photos of different women from this time period and also added a description of each as well. 

Dr. Susan Edson was the personal doctor for President Garfield. She cared for him up until his death in 1881. She attended medical school at a coeducational school; which was one of the first few of these kinds of schools. I chose her to be in my gallery because I first got the impression she was a mean old lady and the more I read I realized she was nice and a very educated woman.
Mercy and Huldah were not actually children like they seem in the picture, but Mercy was about 32 inches tall and Huldah was only 27 inches. These sisters ended up joining a museum where they go paid because they were so little. Huldah ended up marrying a guy who was also short and she ended up getting pregnant but died when giving birth. I was under the impression these sisters were young girls but they turned out to be just little people.
This woman was actually a male. George Pardey was a comedian who was from London. Pardey ended up being one of the top performers in the comedic field. He then ventured off and decided to get involved with comedic singing. I chose George Pardey for my art gallery because when I was picking my "women" I did not realize he was not a woman but instead a male who was a cross dresser.
This woman was very unique in the way that she was the first to argue in front of the Supreme Court who was a female lawyer. Lockwood was also involved in the signing of the Married Women's Property Act. I chose this picture because her being the first female lawyer to go before the Supreme Court was pretty amazing to me.
Lydia Sherman was originally a housekeeper who turned out to be a serial killer. She killed her first husband and also five of their children. She then went on to kill her second husband and two more kids whom she looked after. Sherman was to spend the rest of her life in prison. Like the previous piece of art in this gallery, this too has an interesting story behind a simple picture of a woman.
Lydia Thompson was a very talented woman. She was a dancer, comedian, director as well as a producer. She was a Burlesque dancer at the age of just 13 years old. Thompson ended up started her own group called the British Blondes in 1868 and introduced burlesque dancing to others. This went along good with my gallery because again, just a simple picture of a woman with many hidden talents and a great story.
George Knottesford Fortescue was also a cross dresser. Little did I know when picking the lovely ladies of the 19th Century that I would find me two males. George became known actor when he was 16 years old. His first big role was playing a girl named Catherine. George had a great talent like most of the other women in this project, he may have had one of the harder ones in my opinion being he had to be a guy playing a ladies role.
Adah Isaacs Menken was an interesting woman in the way that she was known for playing male roles. Menken was an actress and poet and was pretty famous for her type of cross dressing. This was a good addition to my art gallery because even though Menken was just an actor, she was an actor who played male parts.
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