* Grabs Me!

Note Noah floating away in the mid-background. That cad!
I became intrigued by the pointillism, the detail, and the ability to zoom in to view it. Note the faces in her tears
Great for a collage somewhere
The 1% watching Noah and his family board and laughing at him. Then the doors closed and the rains ca me.
Portrays the emotion so well. Again, note the two tears.
McElligot's Pool
One mile deep
A king who believed physical pleasure is the only purpose in life
Simple yet striking.
Makes still lifes with fruit look silly
Check out the high tech bird trap. And notice they are curling.
In Gully years ago.
Strange bedfellows
I also like Persephone by Thomas Hart Benton. In Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City but not in Google Art Project.
Must have been a lonely life.
So old yet so modern
Takes on new meaning after the recent devastating Tsunami.
It felt like a scream went through nature.
One has to look carefully to see all the graves in front of the Abbey. A dark and dismal post-apocalyptic painting.
Awaits us all.
The artist is depicting the floating souls of women who have had abortions.
Busy lion!
Busy lion!
He is not alone in the forest.
Hydraulic mining was an environmental disaster, note water jets behind the pipe, in the middle.
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