Texture Creates True Vision

By: Todd Cardillo

Texture is used on this image to create rocks with rough edges. This painting was done with oil on a canvas.
This painting has a wavy outline done with the paint, but the closer it gets to the face, the smoother the lines become. I believe this is to outline how important her face is in the portrait.
This beautiful rabbit's fur was done quite spectacularly. You can easily tell how fluffy it would be if you tried to touch it.
In this Folio, you can see all of the different textures from the earth, the bricks, and the material used to make that gazebo-like structure. Then, the writing is nice and smooth to go with it.
This ink painting uses ripples to create water so that the rest of the image looks like objects are submerging into the water itself.
This drawing uses a soft, but slightly gritty texture to make the appearance of stone in this image.
Using watercolor and graphite, this artist was able to make an illusion of leather and metal that makes this seem almost too real.
What gets me on this one is the wood knot on the bottom right of the ladle. That is enough to give away that this is a wooden ladle. All of the other texture is not even needed, but just adds to it.
I feel like I can see every individual strand of fur on this tiger, but then I look around and am amazed by the contrast of the soft fur with all of the rough rocks in the image.
I see a lot of texture in this image from being worn down, but what I like is how well done the crown is. It is very flat and smooth, but has a slight shine to it to give off that it is made of metal.
The grassy area in this image was done so well. It makes it look like this large and soft field of flowers. Then, if you look at the tree you can see all the small lines going up to make it look like wood.
This piece is an actual piece of stone. It is very rough and has a lot of cracks in it.
This vase was made with clay, but is very beautifully designed. It has a nice shine to it that lets you know you can rub your hand across it and feel how smooth it is.
This shiny piece is made of silver, and that can be seen with, well, the shine. Very shiny, but also has texture and gilded designs on it.
I appreciate anyone who makes glass by hand. I have seen it done and it is a lot of hard work. It is clear and soft, so you can tell it was well done.
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