Do Quarter Notes Jig?

A visual exploration of the movement, emotion, & life in music through photography                                                                    Gallery Created By: Cori A. Eisele

The photograph was taken during a jazz jam session. It's place is in this gallery because of the emotion expressed by the pianist. He seems genuinely at ease and one could even say he looks "high" from the music.
This photograph was taken during a Gene Krupa jam session. This photo has a place in my gallery because of the unique style in which the photograph was taken. The longer exposure allowed for an exquisite motion shot of this man playing a percussion instrument.
This photograph was taken during a Gene Krupa jam session. It has a place in my gallery because of similar reasons as the previous shot. The longer exposure time allowed the actual motion of the instrumentalist be captured by the camera.
This photo was captured during a night in a Harlem jazz hall. It is in this gallery because of the subtle, yet noticeable emotion of the audience in the background. That combined with the gentleness of the characters in the foreground captures the subtle life in jazz.
This photo was taken during the rehearsal of musical prodigies. This photo has a place in my gallery because of the intensity of the violinist. His pure commitment to what he is playing is visible in every inch of his visible body.
This moment was captured during the Prades Music Festival in 1951. I was attracted to this photograph because of the spirit of the maestro. You can almost see him pulling the emotion he needs to express from the instruments and their respective players.
This photo was taken during a folk music festival in December of 1941. The reason for this being in the gallery is because of the faces of the audience. Particularly the face of the woman in the foreground. Her pure elation just draws you in to linger.
This moment was captured while these children were dancing to some entertaining children music. I placed this photo in the gallery because of the innocent emotion expressed in these children. There are no inhibitions with their movement. It is pure and fun.
This photo was taken during a performance of the Almanac Singers in 1943. This photograph attracted me because of the plethora of different expressions. They all seem to be expressing similar emotions, but they all express it with the slightest difference.
This is a photo of jazz musician Miles Davis during a performance of his. This is my most favorite photo in this gallery. He seems to be putting everything he has into what he is playing, yet holding something back to almost tease you at the exact same moment. It makes me want to walk into the photograph and listen to him play all night long.
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