Art Styles Gallery

This is Mr Bivens Sample Art Styles Gallery.

I like this painting from the Renaissance because of the playful quality of the subject matter. The realistic way that the people are drawn and the shine of the bubble are interesting as well.
This Impressionism painting shows a contrast between the cliff and the ocean, but the brush strokes bring the color to life for me
In this Art Nouveau painting the design of the boarder was what initially captured my eye, but the balance of the three illustrations kept my interest.
This Surrealism painting makes great use of light on form in space and there is a great sense of depth. I like how the shapes of the form are in the background.
In this Cubism painting there is a musical instrument and an outdoor scene that caught my attention. The strong use of outline is an interesting addition too.
In this Pop Art work the portrait is used two times, but where the colors are used is changed.
Credits: All media
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