Colorful Love in 3d

Carlos Rodriguez                                                               Visual Theme: perspective, color.                              Subject based Theme: love,nature,

the night sky is full of stars and swirls. there is a town near rolling hills that look like waves. Also there is a tree that look like flames. this painting contributes to my theme by the colors.
There are men, women, and children in a park. the painting is made up of tiny dots. the reason this painting contributes to the theme is because the tiny dots and colors catch your eyes.
This painting is more of a realistic painting. the reason why I put this painting in my gallery because the colors are beautiful and how it looks like a real pond of water lilies.
there is furniture the way it is placed it looks like a real room. it looks like you can walk into the painting. This goes with my theme of perspective.
This painting has a mother holding a baby. this symbolizes love and it also follows one theme of my gallery it is also using light to give the painting more mass and volume. It looks like you could go and hold the baby yourself.
There is a women and she seems to be carrying something and she's in the wilderness. the artists used light to give the women mass and volume to make the painting seems real.
its a painting of a picture. its very colorful and there seems to be a man and women together.It looks like many various shapes make up this painting.I think it fits in my gallery because its colorful
this painting really looks like a real person is walking up stairs the artist used lighting to get this painting to work. hit painting goes well with my theme perspective.
Credits: All media
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