XAvier Flores shape gallery 2

This gallery is used to describe the use of shapes in visual art.

In this painting it shows on the right corner has some low defintion because it has some mix colors in the painting.
In this landscapes it would be a organic shape because it hasd natural plants and tree. On tuhe bottom of the painting it has some low definition because it it mixed in the bottom.
In this picture it has a geomatrical shape because it has a lot of crisps edeges that are in the shpaes in the picture.
In this painting ther is abstract shapes that are not realistics but refers to people celebrating together of a invent. In this painting there are also low defintioin because in some parts the colors are mixed together and shapes becomes fozy
In this painting this shows a represential shape that you could could diractly find the figure because ther is no mix colors with other colors that mised together.
In this picture it has some it has a high defintion in the background to show the background. And it is very dark in the background that shows high defintion in the painting.
In this picture there are rectlinear shapes that are in the background that shows the village.
I see in this picture that it has nonobjective shapes because their are just a lot of rectangles that creates a design in th painting.
I see that in this picture that it shows some positive in the painting that shows a clear view of the image that it is shown. Also that in the background it shows some positive colors.
In this pieace of artwork I see that the artist use some curveilenear to draw the picture of the lady in this artwork. Also like on the hair it has sopme curves that makes the sides of the hair come out.
Credits: All media
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