Renaissance Perspective

ure- Forming Nouns Burgos Cathedral-a gothic style roman catholic cathedral Granada-A city in spain Naples-capital of an italian region, Exponent-a person who promotes an idea
Greco Roman-ancient greeks or romans Antiquity-the ancient past Central Perspective- a method of three dimensionality Exemplifies- a typical example of Commemoration- remembering something
urbino- a region of italy Humanism- an outlook Concurrent-happening at the same time Intarsia- a method of knitting Variants- Different variations
Franciscan- a friar Friar- a member of a religious group Siena- in tuscany italy Facade- the face of a building Vecchietta's- an italian painter
Oeuvre- the works of a painter Bourgeois-characteristics of the middle class Espoused- adopt or support Zeal-great energy Baroque- a style of european architecture
Tribunal- A court kew-a part of richmond in england Pictoresque-visually attractive Impropriety-a failure to observe standards Contemporary- living or occuring at the same time
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