Weirdest and Funniest Renaissance paintings

These paintings are a little weird so brace yourself.

1. I chose this because I always wanted to trample my brother in victory. 2. This is a renaissance example because there is movement and emotion in the figures' body and face.
1. I chose this one because I'm still not sure if this is a girl or a boy and it puzzles me. 2. It is a renaissance painting because it has a background and the dude/dudette has emotion.
1. I chose this piece because it is so different from all the other paintings and simply depicts a plain rabbit. 2. This is a renaissance painting because there is a shadow and it looks crazily realistic.
1. I chose this drawing because it looks super weird and hilarious and it reminds me of a bald form of my great grandfather. 2. This is a renaissance painting because the people have expression and a play on light, shown by certain areas being shaded and some are lighter.
Credits: All media
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