ART 110 - Illusion of space

Ethan Ratzlaff

This artwork demonstrates overlapping, as one face is over the other.
This piece demonstrates size, being that the smaller animal is being compared to the larger one.
This painting shows vertical position since the stone she is sitting on is close, then the next level up shows a town which is much further away.
This piece shows 1-point perspective, as it is all coming to a center point.
This shows two point perspective, as viewers can see two sides of the image.
This shows atmospheric perspective, since color schemes are used to create depth withing the painting.
The artist of this painting wants the viewers to focus on the mother and her child, and the details provided there.
This shows infinite space, since the walls seem to have no end the way that they are set up.
This piece demonstrates no depth, as all the images are flat, or 2D.
This piece of art is a good example of negative space, with the absence of material creates an image or a shape.
Credits: All media
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