Pieces of art that exhibit texture.

This image shows the texture of both the girl's hair, as well as the details on her dress. The high detail allows this.
The texture in this painting can be seen in the woman's wrinkled face, with her old age. As well as her veil/scarf over her head and the cloth texture that can be seen in the folds of it.
The large folds in the cloak in this drawing create the texture.
The folds in the clothing, as well as the detail of the man's facial hair create the texture within this sculpture.
The painter of this piece displays texture with the skin of the women. It displays a smooth, unblemished texture
The girl's face is smooth and flawless, which can be seen as a form of texture. Also, her dress has texture.
The girl's dress as well as the curtains have folds in them, which are what create the texture.
Velazquez uses texture within the hair of the young girl. The detail is what allows this.
The facial hair, as well as the blemishes on the face are what create the texture.
The deep folds in the robes allow the sense of many layers of cloaks.
The cloak again has many folds in it, which bring the illusion of texture.
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