Ceramic Vessels 

I chose these ceramics because I feel like they tie in together in some way. They are all very unique but somewhat similar. The main idea of these vessels are to be simple and elegant. 

This vessel mostly comes from the near and far eastern regions. It includes Chinese scrolling patterns along with the Arabic Alphabet. It was used for tying together a group of similar drug jars. I chose this vessel because of it's culture and the simplicity of the design.
This ceramic turkey was developed by Augustus the Strong in a factory at Meissen. It consists of Chinese and Japanese porcelain and was considered an early aspect of ceramic art. One of the reasons why I chose this piece was because of its fine detail and shape as if it were almost realistic.
The "Three Women" is a plate that is expressed in formalism style. It has an unknown artist that originated from Russia back in the '20's. It is made up of Porcelain and bold colors such as various blues and pinks. I chose this because of the techniques the artist used on creating the women's figures.
This elephant figurine was made in the '70's in the York Museum of Trust. The colors consist of dark grays tinted with copper throughout. I chose this vessel because of the technique they used with the thick-extruded clay. It just shows that something so simple can turn into something so beautiful.
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