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Emily Tulanowski

The blurring and the blending make "Untitled" a low-definition piece of art. There is no clear distinction between where the two shades of purple cross. The two sides aren't perfectly symmetrical.
The clear, precise lines that make up the fly makes this a high-definition artwork. The piece includes no smudging or blurring.
This is representational art. This is something that can be observed in the world. It is realistic and can exist in the natural world.
This art is a non-objective piece. It does not represent any idea or object. It is similar to an abstract artwork.
This artwork represents rectilinear shapes. The piece has rectangles, squares, sharp angles, and straight lines
This piece of art represents curvilinear shapes. The circles and the squiggly lines have curved lines and soft edges.
"The Impact" presents geometric shapes. The sharp lines create morphed triangles. No two shapes are identical
This piece shows organic shapes. The floral represents the types of flowers that occur in nature.
This graffiti artwork is an example of abstract. This piece has miscellaneous aspects- such as the colorful lines and figures.
The positive shape in this art is the chair because it is the main point of this piece. The negative shapes of the artwork is the light gray background because it draws less attention
Credits: All media
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