Composition in Paintings

I chose this painting because it is organized and represents harmony. Also, the use of the light and shadows, and perspective.
This painting shows two persons sharing a moment together. The woman is in her own space, with only her hand touching the man beside her who seats on a chair beside her.
This painting shows a mother and her two daughters. The way they are positioned in the room, each doing their own thing.
In this painting the people in front are the ones who take all the attention at first glance, but the lines, perception, use of sfumato, and the bodies in the distance are defined.
There is clear order and harmony in the painting. The use of light and shadows gives it a more detailed and realistic component.
I like this one because of the natural posture of the man seating in front of the girl, the light that shines through the window and the shadow that is cast. Also, the map behind these two persons is clearly defined and looks like a real map.
In this painting we can see the planes used to paint the hills. Perception is used and so are different colors to give it a more naturalistic essence.
I like the scene; only a girl seating at the table with peaches and the trees out the window.
I like this one because it does not feel like the woman is posing, but more like a photograph taken in the moment of a woman who has to be a mother, looking out for her child, and a worker, helping to bring food to the table. The lighting looks good and the shadows as placed.
I like the naturality of the girls' movements, the landscape, and the colors.
Though this painting seems a little obscure, I like it because there is a certain harmony in the scene. The clouds in the sky are grey, which makes it look like a storm is coming; the sea, and the calm and still water over which rays of light are reflected; the lone hunter exiting the forest. ; and the decadence of nature.
The use of sfumato, chiaroscuro, lines, and the colors used to create a very natural scenery
I like this painting because of the use of perspective, sfumato, chiaroscuro, the expressions on each of the person's faces, the way the sky and the sea blend together though each is clearly distinguishable, the way the light is directed at the women in front.
The lines used, the perception, the actions of the people; I like this painting because of all this.
I like the colors, the way the boat seems to be sliding over the water's surface, the sky, and lighting of the painting.