Renaissance Art

By: Madison Roger

1. I chose this piece of art by Leonardo da Vinci because it looks like a rough sketch, which I love to do also it shows the true expression not just a little mask they put on. 2. This piece of art is life like and he is wearing a toga.
1.I chose this picture because it looks like its a couple of friends of hanging out having fun.It reminds me of my friends and I. 2. Their bodies are in action and there is perspective in the photo.
1. I chose this picture because there is a scent of fantasy in it. 2. The bodies are active, and there are real people doing tasks from daily life.
1. I feel that this art is original I haven't seen anything like it, that is why I chose this drawing. 2. There is very little expression on the people face, and the scene has a heroic figures in it.
Credits: All media
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