Renaissance museum

By: Sarah Kemp & Madi Fallon

As you can see, this sculpture by Michael Angelo is extremely realistic. The sculpture's arm is sculpted so perfectly, it looks like a real man's arm.
This painting shows fisherman praising the lord for their plentiful fish. This realism shows the reflection of the men into the water.
This is a painting of all of the disciples at their last supper with Jesus. The table's features are so lifelike that it looks like you could sit at the table.
This portrait of a pope symbolizes new era's. The vivid painting shows perfectly structured clothing draping from his elbows.
This colorful painting shows Italian people in chapel. The clouds are supported by the pop of color in the sky.
These seven angels came down from heaven to send a message. The magnificent details in this painting help you picture what it was like to be given this message.
In this painting you can see a man killing a dragon on his horse. The way that the horse's head is turned towards us is amazingly realistic.
This painting symbolizes a woman praying to God. The hair on this person is curled into perfectly curled realistic character.
This painting shows a woman holding on to her child.The way the facial features are in tact are very lifelike.
This sculpture represents the victory of Genie. The way the man's elbow is curved into the exact shape of a real man's elbow.
Credits: All media
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