MCA 12 surrealism

Every age depicts its own image in arts. Surrealism, an artistic movement that took place in the early 1900's was a art style that was very interested in the subconscious mind. Surrealism depicts dream fantasies, memory images, and visual paradoxes. It was one of the many artistic revolutions during its time that was trying to break away from the old rigid academic designs. The artists were deeply influenced by the atomic bomb and WWII which could explain some of the horrors depicted from their mind.

This piece really shows the craziness and randomness of surrealism. It also shows how the artist really didn't try to depict anything from real life, but more from their mind and whatever they perceive to be from their subconscious. Painted by Roberto Matta, this watercolor painting was most likely the artists thoughts on america.
This interesting work done by the artist, Roberto Matta, is very mysterious looking, as to what it is. It may have some influence from cubism, having many geometric patterns and is definitely influenced by expressionism. It is very abstract and is open for interpretation by the viewer.
This example of surrealist art shown the workings of the artist's inner mind. It shows that whatever the artist must have been thinking something childish, or he believes that the mind is still primitive. It shows how strange and obscure the subjects of surrealist paintings were. It is definitely strange.
This is another one of the landscape paintings by Paul Nash. Most of his artwork was a picture of a landscape or scenery, and this one is one of his more surrealist works. The winding of the road is really unnatural to see in real life, but is typical for surrealist artwork. That is if anything was typical for surrealist artwork. The whole landscape has a really unnatural feel to it, and that is exactly what the artist was trying to convey
This painting is made up of mostly shapes with matte colors, almost no blending, and almost seems unfinished. It is another one of the many landscape paintings done by Paul Nash, and is very peculiar looking. It is as if it almost clears up in the upper right hand corner, but then slowly digresses to a block like painting as you look away. Paul Nash was also a fan of painting battle scenes, in his own surrealist style. This one, of the Battle of Germany, takes place on a waterfront.
This painting by Paul Nash is one of the mid-air battles that took place above the skies of Britain. It depicts an unrealistic formation, most likely one from the imagination of the artist, in the sky made by exhaust fumes from the planes. Most likely a display on the terrors of the bombings done on Britain by Germany.
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