The art style I chose is called Rococo. I chose the Rococo period because I have always loved the innocent joy and love that is portrayed through the pastel colors. Rococo is a style of art that took place during the late 18th-century. This style uses bright colors, gold, curves, and asymmetrical designs. At the beginning of the Rococo period, the art reflects the innocence and joy during the reign of Louis XV's reign and the beginning of Louis XVI's reign. This art gallery continues with a color explosion as the community creates a dancing scene in a palace and having merry gatherings. The last painting is of the Rococo period ending before the rise of the Neoclassical period. The people are walking away from the Rococo period. The gallery shifts from paintings to actual artifacts from the Rococo period. The artifacts remaining that preserves the history of the Rococo period is colorful wallpaper and two corner cupboards. 

Credits: All media
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